Now that you've watched the 7-minute video, you know the differences between traditional marketing and emotionally compelling marketing. You know that a whopping 97% of your target market does not specifically want what you're selling—but they do want the payoffs that your product or services offers.


To get specific, how do you create marketing pieces and ads that communicate the payoff so well that your 97% are lining up for you like it's Black Friday at the mall?   Meanwhile, how do you stop marketing to that tiny 3% sliver of customers that your competitors are spending an arm and a leg trying to reach?

Fortunately, there is a process for doing just that. We call it. . .

And these are the results our clients are seeing from it. . .

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Before we brought in Joshua Lisec, we were struggling with making an emotional connection with our target market, from our website to marketing collateral to 1:1 meetings with prospects to our marketing and sales processes.

identify the direction we need to focus on growth

Joshua helped us identify, the types of people who have already been drawn to our organization, and how to attract even more of those people who will truly fit.

Our communication with these types of prospects hasn’t been great, so Joshua has made us sound both better and smarter.

Within 2 weeks of just starting to implement everything, sales doubled. Coming from someone who’s never done market research and has relied only on my intuition for marketing and sales, the material in the Immersion report is invaluable. It affirms H7’s vision and mission—why we exist in the first place.

Clayton Hicks, Founder, H7 Network
John Doe UI/UX Designer

In my first meeting with Steve and Joshua, I walked away with hope and relief. They’ve helped me achieve 2-3 years of progress in 2-3 months.  The emotionally compelling brand they helped create for me is exactly what I’ve been struggling to get across to prospects for years. 

And with that brand comes a workable plan for accomplishing what I’ve wanted to for years.  I always knew what I needed to get done—set up the ads, collect testimonials, write the sales page, create the sales emails—but I had no earthly idea of how I was going to get it done. 

But now, I know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  Every time I ask for a rewrite of a marketing email or editing of a sales page, bam, they get it done so fast. These guys are an asset, plain and simple.

Raymond Gooch, Owner, Spectrum Career LLC
John Doe UI/UX Designer

When I first came to you guys, I was ready to throw in the towel. I was 6 weeks away from going, “This isn’t happening.” What you have done has rejuvenated me.

II previously hired 3 web designers. They all told me, “I can build you a website!” But could they make a website that does something?

IYou were the first to tell me, “No, your website should be DOING something, not just be there for people to look at. There should be an action taking place.” My old website was cumbersome. I had trouble following it, just to sign up for a tour! It was colorful and got your attention, but to make it work and do anything for me? It wasn’t there.

So when Joshua put my new website together—one, he put it together quickly. I waited and waited and waited on these other people. It was MONTHS. I got so frustrated, and even then they didn’t get it—they didn’t understand what I really wanted to portray.

My new website reflects my personality. The other people were all about what THEY thought it should be. But what I have now is a reflection of me and what I want to present to people. I’m not going to change who I am to make a sale. The website I have now is true to me.

So when people look at it, it looks fun, it looks interesting, it looks like “Hey, this will be easy to do!” The simplicity of it is what draws people in.

When I have a customer who says, “I want to book a tour on July 26th,” I email Joshua and ask him to set up the tour, and I get to email my customer back within a few hours and say, “It’s all set. Send the link to your friends, and sign up.” And that means I’m getting my money quicker.

People are coming to my website, and they’re booking a whole tour—reserving the bus for a private tour. They say, “Hey, I’ve got 12 people who want to go!” And I don’t have to do anything else. Every tour I’ve had for the last few months has been a private tour. This is huge value to me because I’m not having to go back and forth and back and forth with my web designer, or back and forth with my customer. It’s two emails, and I’m done—and my bus is full.

I’m not getting 1 or 2 people anymore who say, “Me and my husband want to go.” That would mean I had to go out and try to sell 10 other seats.

Tammy Zell, Owner, Buckeye Road Trips
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Joshua has this uncanny ability to capture people's personality when he writes "as them."  I am a bubbly person, but sometimes my career makes me come across as this complete professional—not as loveable and goofy like I am.

But when Joshua writes website content, articles, emails, or advertisements, they always capture exactly who I am, and I feel as if I wrote them myself.

I am so glad to have someone like him on my team.  Joshua takes a massive load off, and what he does administration-wise frees me up focus on the big picture.

Sherry Hoskins, Owner, Sherry's Petals
John Doe UI/UX Designer

What Joshua Lisec has to say about marketing actually works6 months into implementing what he created for our marketing and sales outreach at H7, revenue has gone up by 80% overall.  Joshua’s market research—Immersion—played a big part in making that happen.

Angel Hicks, Co-Founder & CEO, H7 Network Evolve
John Doe UI/UX Designer

The market research Joshua Lisec’s team did serves as the basis for a new arm of my business where I’m reaching an entirely new customer base.

That’s why, I can foresee over the next 5 years between $200,000 and $1,000,000.  It’s only a matter of implementing everything Joshua detailed for me in the Immersion report.

T. Luke Owen, President, NPDES Training Institute

Open rates on marketing emails are well above industry averages for our clients:                  (samples from recent campaigns we’ve run)

Social media ad campaign brings in over 620 new leads in less than 1 month:                     (every target market is different, so this case study is an example rather than a guarantee)

  • WHAT THESE NUMBERS MEAN:  65,161 people saw our client’s ad and learned about their company’s services.  2,544 people visited our client’s website — and the tracking software we use sends them a follow-up ad, giving them another chance of becoming a lead.  623 people became leads and subscribed to our client’s marketing & sales emails.  Only $567 in ad spending produced these results.

Immersion-based marketing isn't rocket science; it's just a 3-step process that works. Our clients know because we've tested and honed the process over the last 5 years in more than 3 dozen different industries. Here's a peek at that 3-step process:

Because we're not about The Hard-Sell, we're just going to leave this invitation on the table for you.  No pressure, no bullsh*t.  If the payoffs of  Immersion sound like what you've been looking for, then feel free to contact us.  Even a message like, “Hey, this sounds interesting. Can you tell me more about how the process works?” is perfect.         We’ll be here when you’re ready.

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