Don't just do more marketing, do what makes marketing actually work.

It's no secret—marketing is hard. For many of our business owner clients, marketing is their main activity to drum up new business, drive new sales, and land new clients. But if there’s one big complaint we hear about marketing over and over, it is:

“I’ve built the new website…hired the consultants…done the SEO…printed beautiful collateral…joined the networking groups...created the marketing plan…gone to the workshops…tried social media… But even with all that, I’m still chasing after customers, and I’m just not seeing the kind of revenue I KNOW my business is capable of.”

So...what makes marketing actually work?

What does it really take to make your target market want to pay close attention to your advertisements, open your emails, answer your calls, tell all their friends about you, buy the very first time they see your offer, or send you a message via your website asking for a quote (and then say yes to your offer)?

In this 7-minute video, we'll show you.

You'll discover exactly what it takes to differentiate yourself from the competition, get (and keep) your target market's attention, and take advantage of ideas that actually work to grow your business in the 21st century.

Meet our marketing masterminds:

Joshua LisecCo-Founder, Lead Generation Strategist, Market Research Junkie

A novelist turned copywriter turned business strategist, Joshua knows what it takes to tell an emotionally compelling story—in person, in print, and online.  While he designs our clients' websites, crafts their sales copy, and develops their marketing pieces and ads, Joshua's true value to clients is his thorough knowledge of effective market research.  Our services get clients the results they want not just because Joshua knows how to leverage the latest flashy lead generation software (even though he does), but also because he can take the findings of a market research survey and transform those plain facts and figures into a riveting message that gets customers excited to buy.

Stephen R. WhiteCo-Founder, Sales Skills Trainer, Business Development Strategist

Trained for 3 years by the world's #1 business coaching organization—Australia's Action International—Steve brings an understanding of "the Long Game of business" to every client and every project. Because of his vision to build businesses that grow year after year consistently, Steve rewards our clients with accountability that keeps them on track to meet their goals, as well as 1:1 sales mentoring in the field in order to strengthen the persuasive power of their pitching, selling, and closing abilities.